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Poisson au gingembre (Fish with ginger) – Benin

Fish with Ginger from Benin
BENIN – Poisson au gingembre (Fish with ginger)

The good, the bad and the ugly… So today was Benin. Scott was like…I’ve never even heard of that country, are you sure? Let him know it was a French speaking country. He looked it up right away. The good…the fish was excellent. Eva absolutely loved it and wanted to make sure she got the biggest portion. Fairly easy to make too. Got my pearl sugar in the mail yesterday so I also made special waffles from Liege in Belgium…the dense bready carmelized kind you find at fairs in Europe. Very tasty. Took a while to make and the waffle iron is going to be a nightmare to clean. As for the Abolo also called Ablo…so the recipe starts off with the woman saying that this recipe is “inrattable”…basically impossible to mess up….I can assure you…it is possible to mess it up. Fun to try though. Will try a different version of it another time as it seems they eat this rice bread in many countries. Fish recipe: Gaufres de Liege:

Benin Abolo & african plate

I made the earthen colored plate years ago when living in NYC at a place called Mud Sweat and Tears in Hell’s Kitchen before it was gentrified. Love this plate and miss that time in my life. Good memories.

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