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Cuisses de poulet a la puree de patates douces (Chicken thighs with mashed sweet potatoes) – Burkina Faso

Peanut Chicken with Sweet Potatoes
Cuisses de poulet a la puree de patates douces

Tonight’s meal was from BURKINA FASO. Yesterday, I told my family we were doing Burkina Faso and Scott’s reaction was – is that even a country? I’ve never heard of it. I told him it was in Africa? Are you sure?, he asked. I let him know it was a French speaking country and he yells out, (feeling proud of himself that he remembered that Benin is a country) Hey, I bet it is near Benin ha ha… And despite himself, he got that correct. Eva looked up some fun facts and then attempted to say the name of the capital of Burkina Faso which is Ouagadougou, which I am proud to say, I can actually say smoothy and correctly (to be fair, after much practice – I used to listen to Radio France International and one of their reporters always reported from Ouagadougou) so as a French teacher, I made it a point to learn how to say it. Kind of fun to say. So tonight we had chicken in a peanut sauce with some coconut milk, ginger and tomato paste accompanied by mashed sweet potatoes. Scott, also known as Mr. Healthy, was thrilled. We also had these super hot string beans. Thank goodness we had the sweet potato because it definitely helped cut the heat of the beans. We were glad we tried it, and didn’t hate it, but it definitely did not make our top 10 list of dishes (which you can check out here on my blog. Any and all recipe suggestions welcome for the C’s. cuisses de poulet a la puree de patates douces (Chicken thighs with mashed sweet potatoes), green beans –

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