Folon Mink Ot Mi Kwass (Amaranth Leaves with Smoked Mackerel) – Gabon

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Finding a recipe for Gabon was not the easiest. But then I stumbled upon a “Top Chef” Gabonaise competition where Gabonais participants, many of whom were ex-pats, were making dishes from a Gabonais cookbook. The first recipe I found had fish cooked in palm oil. Looked easy enough and thinking about how tasty Nutella is […]

Burundi = beans and onions

Salade Africaine Kachumbari (Advocado and tomato salad) & Biharage (Red beans with onion confit) – Burundi

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Slowly making our ways through the B’s. Last night was Burundi. SALADE AFRICAINE KACHUMBARI. Very tasty. They soak their onions in salt water before putting them in the salad. Apparently a similar salad is eaten in other African countries like Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Checked out on a map where it was located and read […]

Botswana - Chakalaka

Chakalaka – Botswana

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As soon as we sat down for food from BOTSWANA, what does Eva say? Hey, that is where Bill from Mama Mia went! She was indeed correct… “Bloke in a Boat in Botswana” The food seems to fit the type of profile a bloke in a boat might eat – earthy, rustic, simple down home […]