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Draniki (Potato Pancakes) – Belarus

Belarus - draniki

Also made potato pancakes from Belarus known as draniki. There were a bunch of differences between these and the traditional Jewish latke I normally make. 1. they grate the potato super fine. 2. They do not squeeze the juice out of the potatoes so you have a mixture that is the consistency of apple sauce. 3. They also stuff them with meat…which was interesting but more work than it was worth. You can make a meat or vegetarian version of these. I personally found that it was not worth the time or effort to stuff them with meat. It did not really change the taste much, as you don’t use a lot of meat, and it was more work than it was worth.

Belarus dranki with a side of beans from Burundi

Recipe source: Draniki & Draniki (I used a combo of these recipes and will update what I did later on)

2 thoughts on “Draniki (Potato Pancakes) – Belarus

  1. Looks interesting, but I think I have to agree with you about the more work than necessary. Give me a regular Latke any day and I’m a happy camper, lol.

    1. If latke weren’t fattening, I would eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily 🙂 We had some last night with our Canada meal which was super tasty – made lamb as an exception – I generally make it once or twice a year and feed Scott something else on those nights. Made up for it by making him an oven baked sweet potato. He is easy.

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