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Burmese Kaukswe (Tofu with Yellow Coconut Curry) – Burma

Burmese Kaukswe with Yellow Curry

We decided to do another burmese dish in tribute to my brother Bhikkhu Subhuti, who was kind enough to help me make this blog a reality. In his other life (pre-monk life) he was a highly skilled programmer… and now he occassionally uses his skills to help others, but generally tries not to spend to much time with technology. Not a bad idea for any of us. When I told my brother I was making KAUKSWE, he laughed and said that Kaukswe just means “noodles” – in other words, it is a generic term. But when I saw the on the recipe link, it seemed to me like a yellow curry with crumbled tofo on top of noodles. So perhaps the dish I made has a different name. My brother seems to think it is nan-ji oh-no kas-wei (which is a yellow curry with coconut – which is what I made) He said they only eat that for breakfast – and it was mentioned that it was a breakfast dish in the recipe I used, so that is probably it. In any case, this dish was a winner. All 3 of us loved it AND my daughter discovered that should could not get enough of the bamboo shoots that were in the curry. The dish was very easy to make and the yellow curry itself was made from ingredients I had at home, so I didn’t need to go buy curry paste or anything. The look of the dish – on first sight, does not look the most appetizing because of the crumbled tofu (don’t forget to squeeze it out), but it was truly scrumptious. Great for vegans. You are supposed to use 2 packages of tofu but the first one I opened looked like something had taken a few giant bites out of it, so I added some extra veggies to replace the 1 missing block of tofu. Red pepper, super thinly sliced carrots and mushrooms. 🙂 If you are like us, you probably won’t have room for dessert after eating this.

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