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Trey Kho Manor (Carmezlied Fish with Pineapple) – Cambodia

Cambodia Carmelized Fish with Pineapple
Cambodia – Trey Kho Manor (Carmezlied Fish with Pineapple)

C is also for Cambodia. I made Trey Kho Manor which is a carmelized fish and pineapple dish. We served it with rice which is commong. This dish is often made with whole fish, but I was unable to get a whole fish at the supermarket so I did the best I could. Apparently fish dishes account for 75% of the protein eaten in Cambodia, at least from what I read. Scott said he would put the dish on the top 10. I liked it, would make it again, but did not think it was a top 10. Eva ate it, but was not thrilled with it. The recipe had a few small mistakes in it. In one place it said to make the carmel with 1T water and 1T sugar, but in another it used 1 tsp sugar (which was not correct). It also has you add 2C water to the caramel and looking at some other reacipes and how this turned out, 1C would be better. Caramelized Fish With Pineapple (trout, monk fish…), We had planned to make Oranges in Syrup for dessert, but it was late, so we skipped it for now. This recipe could also be found on a bunch of unsecure sites with a bunch of Cambodian in the ads.

Recipe Source: Trey Kho Manor (last recipe on the page)

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