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Mango and Chicken – China

China - Chicken with Mango

C is for China. We had planned to start higher up in the C’s but need to do a bit of defrosting etc before we can delve in. 🙂 Yesterday was the hmmm what do we have in the house and what will Scott eat. I settled on a mango and chicken recipe. Scott and Eva really liked it, although it fell short or their top 10 list. I thought it was ok. A bit gloopy. I think the recipe was not written well. The picture did not match the ingredient or the look of the final product (as in the picture had additional ingredients such as peppers, which we like so I added some). Had planned to make a bok choy dish too as we had some bok choy in the house, but the mango dish took a while to make. I am not a big wok fan either and a wok on an electric stove is not ideal. Anyway, we may try China again. Today we plan to make some maple taffy in the snow for Canada. 🙂 Chicken & Mango

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