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Moqueca Bajana (Fish stew) Brigadeiro (Brazilian fudge balls) Brazil

Brazil - Moqueca Bajana (fish stew)
BRAZIL – Moqueca Bajana (fish stew)

So tonight was Brazil!!!! Shout out to my dear friend Luiza Kosminsky🙂 Scourred a bunch of Brazillian sites trying to figure out what sumptuous brazillian dish I could make that my non-red meat eating husband would eat and stumbled upon Moqueca Bajana, a fish stew. We all LOVED it. In fact, Scott, who is not a big coconut milk fan as he sees it as too fattening, glommed it down and was practically licking the pan. Smelled great.

BRAZIL- Brigadiero

We tried making our favorite brazillian dessert, brigadeiro (Brazilian fudge balls), but overcooked the dough so it turned into a rock in your mouth. Normally it is a gooy chocolatey carmel bite of heaven. Will try again tomorrow. Have successfuly made these once or twice before. We listend to Jobim while eating and went over some fun facts too.…/, This site had lots of good recipes too. It is in Portuguese, but fairly easy to follow. Brigadeiro

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