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Goulash – Austria

Austria Goulash barfing pumpkin
AUSTRIA – Ghoul-ash for Halloween (Goulash)

Eva was really sad about Covid ruining Halloween and we were in the midst of the A’s so I tried to figure out something fun and creative for her. Austrian ghoul-ash (ha ha ha) – Goulash. She loved the idea and the dish. Basically it seems to be similar to Hungarian Chicken Paprikas, except minus the sour cream. We love both Chicken Paprikas and Goulash. Would have prefered to make it with beef, but made it with chicken for my hubbie. As it was halloween, I carved out pumpkin faces in orange peppers and filled the peppers with the Goulash. This is not the most gorgeous picture, but I picked it for Eva because she loved the fact that on Halloween, the pepper was barfing ghoul-ash (that is the kid in her). I must say too, when looking for Goulash recipies, my search results kept bringing up some American version of Goulash which is really just elbow maccaroni in a tomato sauce with ground meat. Kind of like a baked ziti with smaller maccaroni and no cheese. To be clear, the maccaroni version is NOT the type of Goulash they eat in Austria, Hungary or Czechoslovakia.

Hungarian Gulash

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