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Calabacitas, Filetes de Pescado & Rajas con Papas – Mexico

MEXICO – Calabacitas

Mexico! Some not so typical Mexican dishes (at least on the East Coast). Calabacitas is a mix of zucchini, corn, tomatoes onion and garlic…and hot pepper…it was delicious. In fact this meal made our top 10. According to cousins who live on the West Coast and New Mexico, this is super popular there and found in many restaurants. The one I loved the best is the poblano pepper with potatoes, onions and cream. I had this years ago when I studied in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Finally – fish in lime with garlic. This meal, minus the potatoes (Scott thinks cream and potatoes are too fattening) is a typical kind of meal we tend to eat on a daily basis. In fact the fish recipe is essentially one of the ways I tend to make fish. Eva and I overrode Scott on adding the Potatoes to the top 10. He actually did love them, but didn’t like that 1. they were potatoes (fattening) and 2. that there was cream (double fattening). Filetes de pescado al mojo de ajo, Rajas con papas (potatoes with cream and poblano peppers), Calabacitas

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