Banana Bread (North America / USA)

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If you like banana bread than do I have a recipe for you! This banana bread is absolutely DELICIOUS!!!! It is flavorful, moist and actually a bit healthier than most recipes. My neighbor at the beach has become addicted to it (I bake it for him) and every time I see him asks me if […]

Fesenjan II (Persian Chicken in Pomegranate, Walnut and Prune Sauce) – Iran (Persia)

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Am I obsessed with Persian food? YES! Did I realize that Fesenjan is probably one of the most popular Persian dishes that exists or that it is SUPER EASY to make? NO. I stumbled upon it one day in my favorite cookbook Copeland Marks’ Sephardic Cooking when looking for a dish to make for Rosh […]

Frikadellen (German hamburgers) – Germany

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As I was watching YouTube videos for Frikadellen I realized that the way my mom makes hamburgers is essentially the German way, minus the mustard and the bread crumb coating. Growing up we used beef. As my husband does not really eat beef or pork, I used ground turkey. I recommend buying the 85% lean […]

Fish Yassa (Yassa Poisson) – The Gambia

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New top 10 alert for all 3 of us (and for our special guest). Yassa, made with an unforgetable tangy onion-lemon-mustard sauce is one of my absolute favorite dishes and super healthy. I first had it years ago in a teeny tiny Senegalese restaurant in Paris nestled in far reaches of the heavily African neighborhood […]

Moroccan Lamb Bastilla (Moroccan Lamb Pie) – Morocco

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Moroccan Lamb Bastilla (Moroccan Lamb Pie) is #1 of Eva’s Top 10 and also one of my Top 10 as well – in fact, I may move it up on my top 10 list. It is a savory pie encrusted in a light, crispt and scrumpious phyllo shell and served with a dollop of honey […]

Pistou – French vegetable stew

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I have been debating what dish or dishes to feature for France for quite some time as I am a big fan of French food. After a bit of a break from the blog, some reflection and savoring the fresh flavors of summer, I decided to go with Pistou (pronounced Pea-stew – but which is […]

Brown Down (Grenadian Chicken & Dumplings) – Grenada

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The country of Grenada, located in the Carribean Sea – and not to be confused with the Spanish city of Grenada, was the next stop on our cullinary adventure. Two of the most popular dishes are Oil Down and Brown Down, Given that I am married to Mr. Healthy, there was truly no choice which […]

M’Raad (Egyptian Eggplant Salad)- Egypt

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Egypt surprised us with a very tasty, healthy, and easy to make meal which also happens to be vegan and gluten-free. M’Raad (Egyptian Eggplant Salad) is not really a salad – it is steam-fried eggplant slices with a tomato based cumin and tumeric sauce. It is healthier than regular fried eggplant because you only use […]

Soupe de Lentille (Egyptian Red Lentil Soup) – Egypt

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Ethiopia was a hard country to follow as we loved that meal, but Egypt gave it a real run for it’s money. I personally liked the Egyptian food better. For Egypt we made a Red Lentil Soup (Soupe de Lentille), featured here, along with M’Raad (Egyptian Eggplant Salad) and Salade Egyptienne, a popular Egyptian salad. […]

Calypso Chicken – Dominica

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Dominica! Who even knew it was a country? Dominican Republic, sure, but Dominica? Live and learn. Dominica is located in the Carribean. When trying to find a good dish, I kept seeing a mango chicken dish and Calypso chicken. The pictures did not look particularly appetizing as they tended to look fairly grayish but I […]