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Bahamian Spiced Chicken with Yogurt Cilantro Sauce & Carribean Cole Slaw – BAHAMAS

Bahamas chicken & slaw close up
BAHAMAS – grilled chicken, carribean cole slaw &

On Nov 9th, our culinary world tour brought us to the Bahamas. Perfect for a balmy 59 degree day picnic on the deck and right in line with the type of fresh, healthy food we tend to eat (when we are not cooking meals from around the world). We had Bahamian spiced chicken with yogurt cilantro sauce, and carribean cole slaw. Finished the meal with mango and home made ruggulah (not from the Bahamas, but I had just made some). YUM!

We all loved this meal, although Scott and Eva really really loved it. Eva particularly loved the yogurt cilantro sauce. We were all in agreement that the slaw was fabulous. The area is also famous for Johnny Cakes, which is actually more like a cornbread than a cake and is eaten like a cornbread – as a side to a meal rather than a dessert. I ran out of time, so I didn’t make it…plus, Scott is not much of an extra carb kind of person, so I skipped it. Here is a link to a recipe if you are interested. Johnny Cake.

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