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Costa Rican Talapia with Orange & Tomato Rice and Beans – Costa Rica

Costa Rica - Fish with a side of rice, tomatoes and oranges
COSTA RICA – Tilapia accompanied by a side of rice, beans, oranges and tomatoes

Today’s culinary destination was Costa Rica. Tilapia on a bed of rice, beans, oranges and tomatoes. Funny because the fish itself was very much like how I generally make fish when I cook on my own and without recipes…I tend to marinate chicken or fish in garlic or onions, lemon or lime juice and sometimes wine and add in salt, pepper and fresh cilantro &/or parsley. This recipe had you marinate it then cook the fish on a bed of riced mixed in with beans, tomatoes and oranges. Very tasty, but if I were to make it again, rather than dirty one more pan by mixing the rice and beans in a baking dish, I would just add the rice to the frying pan with the bean mix, then lay the fish on top, cover it and cook it on the stove. But to be fair, it was delicious and did make our top 10 list, so I know need to figure out what got kicked out of the top 10. I also saw a dish called Gallo-Pinto which seems to be the typical costarican dish eaten EVERYWHERE. It is apparently a breakfast dish and has a little worstechire in it. May try it tomorrow.

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